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Calendula Cleans Wounds From the Inside Out

Posted by Bonnie Lyons on

Calendula- Also called "Herbal Sunshine". Calendula has been used in homeopathy since the 1800's. It's ability to "Clean wounds from the  inside out" prevents the suppuration of pus and helps wounds heal cleanly. The Flower is where the greatest concentration of medicine is found. Its recommended to carry a Calendula infused healing salve if you spend time in the water, as Calendula prevents dampness in wounds when used as an external dressing for open and closed wounds that are tender, red and swollen as it prevents the production of pus. It soothes skin from lacerations, burns, sunburns, irritations, and chaffing.  Calendula is a safe herb to ingest as well as for use in preparations applied topically. Because of its amazing ability to clean wounds from the inside out, it is highly recommended to add to your diet in tea form to detoxify for your lymphatic system.

Great herb for Colds, Eczema and Psoriasis sufferers as well as people with compromised immune systems. Cancer recovery survivors use this herb all over the world. Calendula is one of the healing herbs in our Bonnie's Balms Healing Salve, Bonnie's Balms Climbers Salve, Bonnie's Balms Swing Oil, Bonnie's Balms XYZ Oil and our Bonnie's Balms Lip Balms


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