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Horsetail Herb

Posted by Bonnie Lyons on

I was laying in bed dreaming about Horsetail. Felt the need to get up and do research. (It’s nice living alone)
I love researching early in the morning. I feel a formula brewing!
Gonna make a horsetail extract spray for hair growth. Starting supplements of horsetail also to help my hair, bones and cartridge stronger and healthier. Also starting Selenium. Horsetail and selenium together help boost your metabolism & a lot more amazing benefits. I pay attention to my dreams. I’ve been dreaming about Horsetail for years. I believe it’s going to help strengthen my body from head to toe. I’m craving it.Too excited to sleep anymore tonight 😁😎
I’m excited about plant medicine. It is what makes me tick..
2019 is gonna be an amazing year!!! Woot!!


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