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Mental Health Tools

Posted by Bonnie Lyons on

If you need feedback from the universe pick up a book & flip it open. It doesnt really matter what book. Flip any book open.

Read the two pages or more if needed. 

You can do it with 1 or more books to check if my theory is correct. It is correct. Try it out.. Sometimes its the first few words, sometimes its 2 pages.

Pay attention with your mind.

This is tarot. You don’t need cards, psychic powers, magic... 

This is the way you get an answer when you say “Throw the Bones”

If you ignore the guidance you just received upon “Throwing the Bones”

You will have gotten your answer & turned your back on the solution, you will stay right where you are mentally.

Here is an example: 

Finally the Angel took charge and led the family out of the doomed city; warning them not to look back at the devastation. The wife however could not resist the urge to look back. She instantly turned into a pillar of salt.

In symbolic terms, the wife had be come paralyzed by her inability to leave a situation that had threatened her growth and well being. Her story reflects the difficulties one often faces when abandoning unhealthy relationships because we think they offer security and protection. 

Starting in a new direction is often frightening. We are all creatures of habit. Sometimes we need to have our worlds crash down to really look at ourselves and change paths... 

If you are here, things will get better I promise. Quit looking back at things that make you feel unhappy. 

Before you do that though, 

*Put that backpack on a big table. Open it up & dump out all the contents. Everything... look at all the contents. 

*After you have a heart to heart with yourself, soul to mind so to say;

Create a void.. it could be an invisible trashcan. 

Go thru your table of baggage & say goodbye to each piece and toss it in the can. Pretty soon your table will be empty..

Then hug yourself. Love yourself. 

Now when you find those trashcan thoughts creeping into your mind mentally flick them away. Tell yourself to say goodbye to that thought. Weed it out and flick it away. 

It sounds silly I know but this technique has worked for me. If it will work for me, it could work for you. Try it!

*It is simple, yet very effective. Came up with this myself. 

I’ve struggled with depression since I was a small child. Ive been seeing therapists for 25 years. My favorite & most effective Therapist is Ron Minson. He only see’s seekers. 

He moved to Washington 8 years ago. 

He gave me some great mental tools for my tool box.

Im gonna share them with you in.

The world is sometimes difficult to navigate. Im here to help. Reach out! 


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