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Bonnies Balms Original Healing Pain Relief Bodycare Formula's

Bonnies Balms are 100% Natural Body Care Line created to ease the aches and pains plus keep you comfortable in your skin.

Our Original Bonnies Balms Body Care Line does not contain hemp or cbd.
It does contain many healing and pain relief herbs including:
Arnica, Osha Root, Juniper Berries, White Willow Bark, Comfrey, Calendula, Sunflower Oil, White Oak Bark, Witch Hazel, Clove, Yarrow, St Johns Wirtz, Horsetail, Ivy, and love. Lots of Love!

*This is not a full list of herbs infused into our product line as some are very secret!

Rub Bonnies Balms where ever you hurt to accelerate your healing process and stop terrible pain in it's tracks!

Bonnie created our Healing Salve recipe first off to heal her skin, keeping it young and vivacious no matter the circumstances. She had gotten into a terrible car crash 20 years ago that burned off all the skin on her face. So she formulated the healing salve and her lotions

Bonnie Created her Pain Eraser to help her recover from 3 herniated cervical disc's and fractured ribs from a roller blade crash.

Bonnie Created XYZ Oil for the pain relief she needed from terrible nerve pain from her Brain Aneurysm and the vascular pain from 2017's Black Widow Spider Bites.

She is currently blending up a several new formula's.
Our next product release will be:

Bonnies Balms Hair Serum

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