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Bonnies Balms Story

At Bonnie's Balms I have created a small family of healing and pain relief salves, oils, lotions, tinctures and lip balms. Come private label with us!
I created this body care line to ease some of the discomfort out of the world.

My cause to help one person at a time quickly, naturally, and affordably.... Whom ever lives in a painful world, that I can touch with Bonnie's Balms powerful first aid formula's will understand the benefits of my medicine. 
I have been encouraged by friends, family and our customers to share my story with you. Here is goes:

My grandfather was a botanist, herbalist, alchemist, bee keeper, and a healer. Grandma and intuitive 1/8 Blackfoot Indian. Grandpa was our medicine man in the family growing up. Our family was very close and my grandparents play an important role about how I feel about Plants and Herbal Medicine. As a child, I was encouraged to learn, experiment and trust in medicinal plants; their benefits.. I come from a large Roman Catholic family in Kansas City, Missouri. My father was a talented hardworking painter and artist with 7 kids.

As an adult, my passion lies fully in the study and experimentation of plant medicines and helping others (woman, man, child, animals) feel better. When we have an ailment within my family, I focus my mind on creating a healing remedy. Through dreamwork, research and testing different herbs I will formulate the recipe that I seek. I am a seeker... Having inherited my ancestors unique healing gifts, talents and passion as an herbalist, healer, alchemist, entrepreneur and mother. My parents taught me to believe in myself and follow my dreams....


Our base oil is Colorado Unrefined Sunflower Oil. It is loaded with Vitamins: A, B, C, D, E, Zinc, Magnesium, Selenium and Iron. Bonnie formulates tree, herb and flower topical medicines. 

BONNIE'S BALMS Inc was born on June 10, 2008.

Bonnie's Balm is 100% Owned by Colorado Residents, Colorado Families

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BONNIE'S BALMS has been selected as One of the TOP 250 MADE IN COLORADO MANUFACTURERS for 2016 by Coloradobiz Magazine

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BONNIE'S BALMS voted "BEST OVER THE COUNTER HEALER 2009" Colorado Westword Magazine

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