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Bonnies Balms Testimonials


Dave "SkipDog" Andersen  Vail, Colorado

Hi Bonnie, I 
am a full time musician playing guitar and Mandolin. My hands are my greatest assets yet get put thru the wringer to accomplish my objective. That being said my hands are always in various stages of inflammation wth aching joints. A friend recommended "Bonnie's Balms pain eraser" which I purchased thru Amazon.com. a gentle application to both of my hands each morning and after performing showed a significant improvement within the first couple of applications. My hands are much more supple and the tender, aching, inflammation is no longer an issue. All of the properties which are in this oil penetrate to the core relieving what once was a continued source of discomfort. Thank you Bonnie, you've made making music fun again! My musical hands applaud you!!! 

Amazon Kindle Customer/Verified Purchase
5.0 out of 5 stars!
Love this stuff! These products work wonders and most of my family and friends tend to talk me out of some of what I have. so I always have to get more. I have finally put a donation jar where everyone walks in and out of the house, so we can keep a supply of these products around for all to us. This company has been around for a while and we are so excited to find it on Amazon, the company is really small and does a wonderful job with their products.

I had hand surgery 4 years ago. Scar has been annoying me, itching and painful. So I put Bonnie’s Balms Hemp Extract Salve on the scar- itch is gone, pain is adios. Thanks Bonnie! Roberta McGowan

Scott Courtad, Palisade, CO
I’m a wine maker and during crush in the fall season my hands are always dry and cracking. That was until this year when I started using the balm. Just using it once a day keeps my hands from cracking and burning. The other upside is that my hands are no longer purple now as well. Thank you Bonnie for making this great product. I tried a lot of products in the past years. I’m glad that I’ve finally found something that works.

Lars Shirey Breckenridge, CO
Bonnie's Balms Healing Salve is the Best healing and sports salve EVER!
Dear Bonnie, This is an absolutely amazing healing and sports salve! I slipped rock climbing and badly gashed my chin. A few stitches would have been nice but not possible at that time. My nose, legs, knees, elbows, back of the shoulder looked like they'd just had a deep tissue massage with a cheese grater. And I cracked a rib!!
On top of that my right kneecap felt like it got hit with a sledgehammer! After only one day of applying Bonnie's healing salve over all my injuries, with bandaging, the improvements were incredible! All bleeding had ceased and all wounds were healing so rapidly, without any signs of pus or infection; bandages, in all but my gashed chin, weren't needed by the end of Day 2. By Day 4 the scabs were coming off naturally with much less scaring than I'd ever thought would be. By Day 6 I was all healed up with only very light scarring. OK, the chin might need a little more time. I'm confident with continued applications, even those scars will fade away.
Another thing about her salve that's really great is it very quickly absorbs into the skin and leaves no "greasy" feeling. And I haven't even mentioned how quickly the salve helped reduce the pain and swelling, while accelerating the healing, of my painful swollen knee and rib!!
Thanks Bonnie’s Balms for the best healing and sports salve I've ever used!! :-)

Reid Kemp   Herndon, Virginia
Thanks so much for sending me some more healing salve. After rock climbing for the past 5 years, it's the only balm that's actually been able to help overnite. I bought a can of the healing salve at Eldorado Corner Market, right before Eldorado Park in Boulder, Colorado. I've gone through a 2oz can! Best thing I've found yet. I'm a rock and tree climber who moved to Virginia for a job. Even with being in the landscaping industry, my skin ends up getting thick and just cracking and bleeding, but the healing salve works like a magic wand. I was amazed, and ever in the dead of winter, with climbing chalk in my fingers, and scrapes from work I still am amazed of how much it works. My girlfriend has eczema and the healing salve is the only thing that keeps her legs from cracking and bleeding and lasts longer than climb on! or any product of that nature.

Stephen H. 
This stuff works great!This stuff will heal a wound amazingly fast. i even used it on my dogs ears and it healed them right up. The package was deliver on time also

Roberta McGowan Basalt, CO
“Pain Eraser” is incredible. Eases the aches from my shoulder surgery of 4 yrs ago that has turned arthritic. I just use a cotton ball and put it on. Also use to relieve and treat backaches, etc. I’m an avid skier, so I have a bunch of injuries now and then. All active people, pay attention - and even if you just have an occasional need. PLUS, the containers with all of Bonnie's Balms lasts a ling time. Great value too!

Robert Segal Denver, Colorado

Great stuff! I use both Pain Eraser and Healing Salve for multiple purposes. They save me from carrying many other items in my first aid kit.
If my skin needs healing this is what I put on it

Sarah Will Vail, Colorado
Sarah is a 13 time Gold Medalist in Down Hill Skiing in the Paralympics
Hi Bonnie,Thank you so much for donating your Balms to the Adventure Team Challenge. There were some sore bodies after the event and it was nice to use some BONNIE'S BALMS Pain Eraser on each other at the end of the long day. I wish you the best of success in getting BONNIE'S BALMS out there in the world. If you ever need a volunteer promoting BONNIE'S BALMS let me know. You have come up with an amazing recipe and I would be happy to help you share it with the world.

Jon Love ~Vail, Colorado in the Summer surfing in Surfs & Lives in Hawaii during the Winter
Jon Love climbing in "Yosemite National Park"Hey guys,Thanks for the magical Healing Salve, Pain Eraser and Hydration Balms! You saved my poor cracked climbers hands & muscles! I don't know if the face cream made me look younger, but it made me feel like it!!! I use my BONNIE'S BALMS Pain Eraser,Healing Salve & Hydration Balm every day. Does the Pain Eraser & Hydration Balm come in keg size?

Hi Bonnie, Maggie McAllister CO
I have to say I am the world’s worst skeptic. I received Bonnies Balms Healing Salve as a gift. I would put it on my dry and chapped hands and it relieved the pain and helped them heal. Nothing extraordinary but my hands were better. Fast forward to the day I decided to climb Mt Garfield. That’s a whole other story. Suffice it to say, when i got off that mountain i could barely walk. My left miniscus felt torn. I stumbled to the truck and made my way home. I rifled through the medicine cabinet searching for some form of linament and there appeared the Healing Salve. I slathered that on my quadraceps and knees. The next morning i felt a little pain and slathered on more Salve and put on a knee support. That evening, after being on my feet all day, i removed the support and was astonished. I had no more pain whatsoever. That was 3 weeks ago and voila! That put the “healing” in Healing Salve! Thanks Bonnies Balms. 

Hi Bonnie,,
As an aging triathlete I very much appreciate the XYZ Oil, it does what you say it does ,, how refreshing most products are usually very disappointing, not the case with yours. Daniel Price MI 

Bonnie makes the best lotion that I have ever tried. It is filled with wonderful oils that have been whipped in to lotion. Think of it as rubbing oils on your skin without the oily residue, it's amazing. Her lotion worked perfect for me while I was pregnant. Everyday, I would lather my belly with Bonnie's Lotion to keep my skin from stretching. Her product is natural, so I didn't have to worry about chemicals seeping into my tummy. Guess what, no stretch marks. Thank you Bonnie
Katrina Gallant CA

Angie Corson of Florida
I am very happy with these products . I am extremely chemically sensitive. A friend of mine from Colorado gave me these to try . Incredible ! I had a dog bite . My leg was so swollen . The pain eraser helped with the swelling , the muscle damage , and the scaring . It has been wonderful for back massage . My boyfriend loves it too . He had a torn muscle in his arm that has been damaged for over a year . We don’t want to take pills , and have tried so many over the counter products with no success . Bonnie's Balms have been like a miracle for us !! Chapped lips , sun damage , cracked skin on feet , take off makeup with one dab, massage nail cuticles . I keep finding more uses for the products . I just LOVE them !! Thank you Bonnie . I am forever hooked . We need this stuff in Florida . I am going to tell my Ace Hardware to carry it .Thank You , Angie Corson

Monica Hastings of Colorado
I just want to leave a testimonial. I have osteoporosis and rheumatoid arthritis, mixed connective tissue disease, fibromyalgia, and lipedema. I've had 6 surgeries on my right foot and need more. I need a hip and a knee replacements but am too high a risk for surgeries. I take narcotics for pain but its never enough. Your Bonnie's Balms Pain Eraser helps tremendously. I'm on disability and live on $700 a month, so spending money on this is hard but worth every penny. I've let several people try my pain eraser oil. So far 20 of them have gone out and bought their own bottle. Thank you for making this product. It is literally a life saver.

Lex Sisneros
I walk on concrete floors and I'm on my feet 8 hours a day. I can't put into words how awesome the pain eraser makes my feet feel after a long day of work. I love this product and recommend it."Angela Leeyour Pain Eraser is the best!!! It brings the BEST relief to my aching shoulder and upper back pains after a hard day. I cant thank you enough for bringing me this relief.......thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you xoxoxoxJanelle Knutson I picked up a bottle of pain eraser a while back. my husband started using it on his ankle--he has some heavy-duty scar tissue from an accident 2yrs ago -- recently and now we need to buy some more, because he says it is working better than other products he has tried. I am really thankful for that. thanks!

Sasha Kasterin
Bonnie, I buy your products, including the pain eraser, the body lotion, and the chapstick. Now that i've found someone local that I like, and is affordable, I think I'm here to stay. I've also got my boyfriend into using them. You might remember me from the BLM - you came in and vended there. I am the President of the association that brought you to our work. I hope to have you back at some point sooner than later. Also - if you get time my boyfriend and I have started a vegan catering business - Live True LLC. Please check us out when you have time. I'll be in touch.

Namaste' Apacks
Hey there, just wanted to say that you have great products.

Eric hansel
Btw. How's this for a testimonial. Found out today that I have 2 freshly broken ribs. And have been using ur healing salve and pain eraser. To control the pain. It really helps me alot!

Murray Martinez   Golden, Colorado
I like to  think I know horses. So when my favorite horse started limping with a tendon strain, I started using my "Pain Eraser" on my horse. It helped immediately & I could see him move around freer with less pain, just like me.Peace Murray

Steph Davis ~ Famous World Class Rock Climber & Base Jumper
Hi Bonnie, Thank you very much for the box of balms! I am just so amazed by the pain eraser.  It's funny, because I give it to people, and I always tell them,
"This is the strangest stuff, it doesn't have eye-watering odors or weird tingly feelings or any nasty sensations...you put it on, and after a while you suddenly realize you don't hurt anymore.  It's really amazing to me!"  And then they try it, and have the same experience. I always can't believe that something that is such a pleasant, light oil can be so effective, and yet it works everytime.  It's a great thing.  Merry Holidays!

Bobbi Newman  Boulder, Colorado
Hi Bonnie, I climb with Chad and his wife Mary (and I work with Chad).  Chad gave me a Healing Salve and Pain Eraser a few weeks ago and a lip balm this week.  I had been meaning to contact you because my 12-year-old daughter has a terrible time with dry skin on her hands (at least partially from all the chalk she uses as a gymnast).  I've tried all kinds of lotions and creams with her since she was an infant, and she absolutely hates anything greasy, but her hands get so dry that they crack - and normal lotions burn when applied to cracked skin.  When Chad gave me the Healing Salve, I had Kyleigh try it.  She initially complained that it was a bit greasy, but the next night I went to offer her one of her regular hand creams...and she told me she didn't want it.  She wanted the stuff that healed her hands last night.  She's NEVER done that before, but she has continued to do it since!

Leanne Hall Denver, Colorado 
Hi Bonnie! Thank you for the "bonus goods" in my last order. I truly appreciate your thoughtfulness and really love your products. Love the new lip balm tubes! Your products are strategically located through out my house downstairs, bathrooms, bedrooms and my night stand. I'll buy from you directly from now on. I will "tout" your products and recommend them highly to everyone I know.

Thomas Hulsmann Cincinnati, Ohio
“Bonnie is a true natural healer and lover of life; and that love of life is part of every bottle & jar of Bonnie’s Balms products. Her mission is simple – to help people enjoy their life. She is an innovative entrepreneur & is 110% committed to her products & her company!” 

Tonya Sobeck Highlands Ranch, Colorado
"Amazing, Go Bonnie!!! We love your products :) Nothing works on my daughter's sore spots after volleyball practices like your pain eraser!!! Thanks for taking the pain out of life...hehe! You make Colorado proud ♥

"Michelle Torres Brighton, Colorado
I have to tell you that I LOVE YOUR PRODUCTS!!! I ran the Leadville 100 this summer and used your lip balm and the pain eraser products. After 50 miles my legs were starting to feel it. My crew rubbed the pain eraser all over my legs and off I went. Finished the darn thing and felt great after!

Carol Bryden  Casper, Wyoming 
I have tried everything to relief the pain in my legs and nothing has ever helped me as much as Pain Eraser.. My daughter has been buying it at Littleton Ace Hardware & mailing it to me. I'm so happy to get to use it! I send it to my daughter in California now!

Jolene Sikich Rock Springs, Wyoming
Bonnie's Balms Pain Eraser really helpsthe arthritis in my thumb joints, amazing, undefined..... 

Nathan Selbert Boulder, Colorado
Bonnie, Your Healing Salve is unbelievable! I am a chemist working for a private lab in Boulder, Colorado. I burned 100% of my face and neck in an accident with butane extraction. The doctors told me I would need countless skin graphs and reconstructive work. The damage was really bad….My boss gave me a jar of your healing salve. I started using it and we can’t hardly how much my face has healed in a short time. You have no idea how much you have helped me. I can’t say thank you enough!

Bruce Johnson Denver, Colorado Seafood Landing Owner
Hi Bonnie,  Thank you for the jar of healing salve. I work behind a seafood counter selling fish all day, every day and my hands have been rough, itchy, dry and uncomfortable for years and years. Since I began using your salve my hands the itching, dryness and discomfort has gotten much better. My hands are soft and smooth.  I can now feel comfortable to hold a ladies hand again. I use your lotion in between hand washing and it really helps too. Thank you!

Janet Davis Lenexa Kansas
I put your healing salve on my hands before gardening with gloves and I use with gloves for washing dishes and cleaning. My hands stay in really nice shape now. I'm using the Healing Salve on my leg now as I took a large chunk of skin off in a hiking incident - thank goodness for your salve.

Alvin Lewis Windsor, Colorado
My hands and feet have been in bad shape for as long as I can remember. I bought a jar of your healing salve and they both look and feel better than I can remember. You have a customer for life! Thank you!

Bear  Boulder, Colorado
I am an hobby cyclist and get callouses that cracks that between my thumb & first finger. Ever since I began using your Healing Salve, my cracks have cleared up my cracks and they have not come back.

Joyce Tolber Hinckley, Utah
My husband and I are age 70′s where hands tear easily. The healing salve has been a big pain saver and healer. I love the pain eraser on my arthritis, it isn’t greasy. I also like the lip balm. The products work!

Wyatt Harper Longmont, Colorado
My hands are working mans hands and they are a testament to Bonnie’s Balms Healing Salve. They used to be all cracked, split, bloody, super glued. But not now! I use your healing salve every day! I recommend Bonnie’s Balms to everyone I know!

Rick Beardslee  Golden, Colorado                                                        
BURN PAINI put the palm of my hand unknowingly on a hot surface of a toaster oven.  Immediately, I started applying Pain Eraser to the burn thinking that the natural anti-inflammatory herbs in the product might help. I repeatedly applied pain eraser for the next few hours. I was amazed that within a short time that the redness and pain disappeared, and there were no signs of blistering or any lingering affects. Thanks for an awesome multi-use product Bonnie!! Keep up the good work! We need you! 

Hilary Serrao      Center for Spiritual Living Colorado Springs, CO
Hi Bonnie, Thanks for coming down for Herb Fest, we got lots of great feedback about you and your products!!! Just wanted to let you know....I sat and soaked for 5 hours in the hot springs, got a bit too much sun and felt as if my skin was 3 or 4 sizes too small. I remembered your  face and body hydration lotion and put some on. Wow, my skin was the happiest it's been since I moved to CO 5 years ago. I just spoke with one of the volunteers and she said she works in a school cafeteria. Not too long ago they changed the soap they use (for economic reasons) and she's having the worst time with cracking and drying on her hands, especially her knuckles, she's been miserable. She said in three days, her hands were the best they've looked since before they changed soaps.   

I also had a friend who took a spill walking her neighbor's dog. I told her I had something that would help and handed her your sample of pain eraser.  

Thank you sooo much for being you and doing what you do. We'll be getting the word out for you and helping you grow your product line down here. I know you've got some dedicated followers from the show already.Thanks!

PJ              Colorado
I just wanted to tell you my story. I moved to Colorado from Texas two years ago and my skin has literally cracked, and bled from dryness. I was walking around Ace hardware and found your products. I tried the testers, and went back and bought your items. I put your balm on and within the hours I slept, my skin was completely healed. WOW! I can't tell you how many products I have tried, how many doctor visits, etc... and within less than 6 hours, my skin has been taken back to ten years ago. THANK YOU! Please persevere! Your new loyal customer!  

(PS. At work today, several customers asked me what I did to make my skin so youthful! I am still "Blown Away" by how well your products work........don't give up ever!)

Tonya Sullivan  Lakeridge, Colorado
Bonnie, My name is Tonya Sullivan, I have a 2 year old daughter who eczema is very bad and I've used everything the doctors have given me, nothing was working.. Until i used you're balm. She stopped itching, the bumps went away, and her skin is almost cleared (I've only used it for a few weeks) For me, my hands were always dry. After about a week of using you're balm no more dry hands. I all so use it on my face, and no more brake outs, and my black heads have reduced. It's worked wonders, i love it. I have been using the pain eraser, and my knees, back, and hands don't hurt any more, all the products iv used have been soo amazing and i love it. Thank you for making something so awesome for not only me but my daughter.

Martha Kramen  Missoula MT
Dear Bonnie,During my years as a pediatric nurse, & before the present time when everyone is required to wear latex gloves, all personnel were required to wash his/her hands upon entering a child's room & again upon leaving it. The cleanser provided us was known only as "green soap", a very strong antiseptic solution & very hard on the hands. Most days, I washed my hands 50 times or more times. As you can only imagine, they resembled, by the time I reached forty, the hands of an eighty-year-old peasant. 

Through the years, I've tried every product available; lotions, creams, Bag Balm, Vaseline, Neutragena, and any others which I thought might soften my ruined skin. None of them gave me any long term relief.

And then, my son sent me a small jar of Bonnie's Balms Healing Salve. Without getting gushy, I just want to tell you it is the most effective product I have used since 1975, perhaps ever. It is miraculous!So little is needed. Each time I put my hands into water, I follow-up with a small dab. For the first timein many years, I am not suffering the discomfort of dry, cracking skin.

Many thanks for your contribution to help dry skin sufferers everywhere. As my grandchildren would say, "Bonnie's Balms rocks!"

Aaron Johnson Colorado Springs, Colorado
Bonnie,This is Aaron Johnson. We are friends with Matt & Misty Lindsey and just wanted to send over another thank you for giving us a free bag of your product last year when my wife was really hurting during her pregnancy with our 2nd child. Well, that second child has had horrible diaper rash this week. We had a great Arbonne cream that worked wonders on our first daughter. It didn't work this time. I grabbed some of your healing salve and tried it out last night. Within about 10hrs, her little bum is experiencing a night and day difference. Thanks again for your generosity!

D Cooper   Boulder, Colorado
Hi Bonnie yes I have been using your product ..every winter my thumb and fingertips crack and sometimes bleed your product is by far the best ive tried for pain relief and healing ..and yes you can quote me . Thanks D Cooper Boulder Co. 

K M  Colorado
Hey all,Just wanted to let you know... I have pretty heavy eczema and on the really bad spots I put the healing salve.  Changes my day for me.  I love it.  Please don't change that formula.   

Judy MacDonald
I realize that you have many testimonials, but I must add one.  I bought some of your pain reliever and balms for stocking stuffers this year.  My 94 year old mother was one of the recipients. She suffers from debilitating arthritis and a bad back, shoulder and knees.  Obviously your pain eraser didn't cure any of these situations, but it did provide her with relief.  She became so enthusiastic that when she was in the hospital and then rehab this month for pneumonia she insisted I bring her Pain Eraser in to her and then insisted that the doctor OK her continued use of it.  Then, she started promoting with all of the nurses and had them copying down the order information.  You certainly have a evangelizing, enthusiastic user in my 94 year old Mom! Thanks to you from my mother!

Brad Sims 
Member of Foxtrot Racing Cycling Team Hi Bonnie, My name is Brad Sims and I help JD run Foxtrot Racing. I would like to thank you for sponsoring our team this year 2011. I've used your Pain Eraser on my legs after quite a few Cyclocross races this past year and it really helped (my best Cyclocross season by far).

Sam Wells Boulder, Colorado
Bonnie I have been using your Healing Salve on my bad legs. I am diabetic & have poor circulation & am overweight. I have had unhealed ulcerous wounds on my legs for a long time. My friend found your products at McGuckins Hardware in Boulder and gave me a jar of your healing salve to use on my sores and they are almost healed up! I can’t believe it…Your Pain Eraser helps me with my circulation problems & all the associated pains I have from my hips, knees and ankles. Keep on doing what you do, you have helped me a lot!

Matt Froment Grandview, Missouri
Journeyman Millwright at Millwrights L.U. 1529 "Bonnie is truly a creative and joyous soul whom I've had the pleasure to know since childhood. Bonnie has created a wonderful line of healing oils and salves that I have come to depend on as a heavy construction worker and tradesman. In particular, I use Bonnies Healing Salve on my hands daily and sometimes on my feet as well after a long 12 hour shift. As a matter of fact it's almost time for me to get some more as I'm just about out. Bonnies Lip Balm is also the best when I find myself working a job that requires me to spend all day out side in the cold winter wind. And I would be remiss not to mention Bonnies 100% Natural Pain Eraser that truly soothes my aching muscles at the end of a six week job of twelve hour shifts, seven days a week."

Cheryl Thaxton Evergreen, Colorado
My, my.  You have progressed since I first bought your product.  Hooray for you.  You have an online order site!  I'm the lady from Evergreen who also is an Alchemist of sorts.  I wanted to tell you that I think the healing salve helps my wrinkles!!!  I am 59 and put it on the fine wrinkles on my face at night.  Might be in my head but I think it plumps them up and makes them less apparent!It sounds like you're doing pretty well with your business.  You go, girl!

Chris Kendall Edgewater, Colorado
I have been taking various NSAIDs for bursitis in both shoulders. Had a cortisone shot in the left shoulder, and was considering getting a shot in the right, but happened to see your display when I was at the Edgewater Ace. I started using the Pain Eraser each morning, rubbing a few drops into my shoulder after showering. Now I don't need a shot. I may stop taking the drugs, too, and see how that goes. Thank you. I can't wait to try out your new products this fall.Roslie Moncada Littleton, ColoradoI bought Bonnie's Balms Pain Eraser at a Farmer's Market after trying a bit on my sore back.  I use it every time I feel the soreness coming on and the pain is gone in just a few minutes.  I don't know exactly how it works, but it does!

Victor Kinard Littleton, Colorado
Hello Bonnie....Thank you so much for stopping by our Big E tent on Sunday....Wow...your product works....being on the grill all day over the heat and having to wash my hands so much with harsh soaps my hands are a mess..The Healing salve is great,it is magic........Sunday after the Farmers market I took the Pain Eraser and put in on my very worn out hand that has been in pain for several weeks..Ok, it works....  Next my friend that was helping at the farmers market (The fire fighter) puts some on his shoulders that have been in pain for several years..... As Matt said ..."lets test this Pain Eraser!"Well I will say it again ... Magic....To keep the story from getting any longer...I will pick some more up at the Columbine ACE Hardware on Pierce in Littleton as I live so close to it and I will see you back at the farmers market....

Bonnie...thank you again....to was so nice to meet you....I am going to show this to everyone that I talk with ....

Dan Gust Owner of Longmont ACE Hardware
"Bonnie, I just came back from 3 weeks rafting the Grand Canyon.  On my trip 5 years ago my hands and feet took a beating from the dry climate, water and sand.  I came back with my hands cracked and bleeding.  This year I took Bonnie's Healing Salve along and it worked miracles -- no more cracks!

"Michelle from The Right Stuff located in Denver, Colorado
Bonnie, I have tried your healing salve for saddle sores. WOW! I have found your product to be the only one that works. Last year I really suffered. Thanks Bonnie!

Cally Goddard  Horsham PA
Bonnie, My husband and I moved to PA from CO 4 yrs ago and when we moved into our new home in Horsham I began getting strange allergies on my eyes and skin. I went to an allergist specialist and found out I'm allergic to trees, not the best thing here in PA.  But, we couldn't figure out why the allergies were on my eyes only.  I then went to a dermatologist who gave me steroids to finally take care of the problem.  The main problem with steroids, however, is they only treat it temporally and will eventually cause cancer.  So, not my first choice but after having eyes that itched for 3 weeks and people staring and always saying,"No really it's allergies" my mom bought your salve.  My climbing friend in CO had used for it for years.  I used it on my allergy spots on my skin, but was too afraid to use it on my eyes until I read one of your testimonies about a man in N.Y. using it.  And it works!  It doesn't completely take care of the issue like the steroids, but it is better than getting cancer later on.  I don't know if you would have the time to do research as I am in research, but I think your recipe would do well in other states as I think the bees wax (since I am a native CO) would help others in other states.  The theory would be that your recipe actually takes the natural environmental allergens and would help a person to adapt to the environment they are in. I think your specific recipe could help people with their allergies.  I don't have the time to do the research, but maybe someone who works with bees would be willing to try your recipe with their own bee hives to help others with allergy issues within their own state.  Thanks again from one climber to the next.  Now, my next thing is to find those hidden climbing spots in PA, there are a few out here, just not as much as in CO.  Big Cheers. :)

Jill Palomino Lakewood, Colorado
Hi Bonnie, I happened to stop by Green Mountain ACE Hardware this afternoon to pick up something for my husband.  I was pleasantly surprised to run across such wholesome products. My son has severe nut allergies.  The ingredient label for Bonnie's Balms Healing Salve (Sunflower, Grapeseed, olive oils, comfrey, calendula, juniper clove, beeswax)  appeared to be allergy "safe," so I picked it up for him and a brochure for me. Thank you for making a "safe" product for my son.  There are also many other things I like:  that the majority of your ingredients are from colorado, it's all natural, and you are a small business

Loretta Gunter Elko, Nevada
Bonnie, you are definitely heaven sent.  My Husband, kids and I just stopped by the Sportsman Expo in Sandy UT this weekend and something drew me to your display.  The only regret I had was that I didn't force my Husband to let you put the pain eraser on his back while we were there.  We left to go home to Elko, NV and got probably an half hour outside of Salt Lake City and my Husband was hurting pretty bad because he had just got his epidural injection two days prior and it would kick in for 3 more days if it would work, I suggested we try the pain eraser we bought so I pulled over and put it on him.  We went a ways and I asked if he felt better he said some, we kept driving and I didn't think about it until I got home and I asked him again how he felt, he couldn't believe it he was bending all around and not in any pain.  I can't believe how well it worked so I am definetly ordering more, this is something I never want to run out of.  Worked also on my little boys leg pain.  Thank you so much for searching and researching to help find a cure for your pain and many more people who get the chance to try this product.

Kimberly Miller Seibert Colorado
Thank you so much for being you!!  My husband has Psoriasis over 80% of his body.  It is itchy and painful and embarrassing for him we have tried so so many remedies over the years.  Some costing $100,s of dollars!  His sister works in Golden and was nice enough to send us a jar of your healing salve.  We said thanks and didn't expect it to work any better or worse than all the others we have tried.   I was so excited to see you had a website so I can order more of it and your other products before he runs out!  He is sleeping through the night without itching. Your salve calms his skin and it is looking so much better!!  He has only used it three times so far.  I can't thank you enough for making such a beneficial product!  I'm excited to try the pain erase on his back as well (5 ruptured discs inoperable)  SO excited!   He is an active only 40 year old man and he says sometimes he feels 80 years old.........so here's to making him feel younger again.

Cheryl McGraw Arvada, Colorado
I have had Fybromyalgia for more than fifteen years.  All of the drugs they have given me do very little for the pain.  My wonderful sister-in-law gave me a bottle of Pain Eraser.  Anyone who has had Fybro knows that you will try anything and nothing works.  Until my sister-in-law gave me a bottle of Pain Eraser.  I could barely believe it!  The pain just seemed to melt away, well, a lot of it, anyways.  More than anything else has done to help.  I am up and moving about again as a result and my family is much more normal, with me actually doing housework again. This stuff is incredible.  I will certainly be ordering more.  A little bit goes a long way, also.  I was truly amazed.  I am able to concentrate again and have gone back to writing, my true passion, which I have not been able to do because of lack of concentration.  Anyone in chronic pain can understand this.  You just can't think through the pain.  The first day I used it, I awoke to my feet hurting badly, so I tired it.  A little while later, the feet felt better but the calfs hurt, so I used it there.  Then that pain subsided and my thighs hurt so I used it there.  Then I realized that my back hurt, so I used it there.  Then I got up and did some housework, which hasn't happened in a long time.  This stuff is incredible.  I'm telling everyone about it and I hope they don't think that I'm some kind of nut, because I've been in such pain for so long and now actually have some relief.  I was also interested in your comment about alchemy, as my son is facinated by the subject.  I will converse about it with him the first chance I get.  Thank you so much for such a wonderful product that actually works without the synthetic heroin Oxicontin they give you for pain these days.  Not good.  Not very helpfull.  I hadn't thought about the skin problems it could resolve as well.  I was using it as muscle relief, which is really great.  I also have some skin problems and will try it on that and give some feedback on that.  I believe in giving feedback for a good product.  It is one of the best ways to get the word out there.

Mike Letey Rph Pharmacist at Safeway in Wheat Ridge, Colorado
Bonnie,  My wife and I both use your healing balm for our cracked and chapped hands.  I am a immunizing pharmacist in Wheat Ridge.  Between each shot I wash or use hand sanitizer, both very drying.  My wife and I just added triplet girls to our family and our hands are constantly in soapy water at home.  We have tried several other products including Burt's Bees and Aquaphor Ointment as well as your Healing Ointment.  The consitancy, healingand long lasting effects of your products wins big time.  Thanks for making a WINNING product. Mike Letey

Danielle Fry Pueblo, Colorado
We stopped at your booth at one of the events at the Phil Long Expo Center earlier this year. We had just finished participating in the Walk for Cystic Fibrosis, and my husband's knee was aching. He has had several surgeries on that knee, but he still suffers from arthritis. You rubbed just a little bit of your Pain Eraser balm on his knee, and the pain just melted away! He was able to continue walking the rest of the day, and we even went to a ball game that night-all without pain! My husband completed the Pueblo Police Academy in August, during which we used a lot of the bottle of Pain Eraser we had bought at the Expo. I would like to purchase more for his holiday stocking. Thank you!

Jennifer White Harrisonville, Colorado
Bonnie,  I love the new Hydration Balms! It is so fluffly (resembles marshmallow whip). What'sin that? I put some on my hands, face & around my eye areas. So soothing, my skin drank it up? Lost about 10 to 15 years around my eyes.No burning, no itching, no hives, no swelling, no sneezing, no watery eyes, a miracle!! That is really amazing to me about all of your balms. I usually have some sort of reaction to any product I try. Your products are for everyone! NOT JUST CLIMBERS! ha! ha! I like how it can be safely used anywhere on your body & on 4 legged friends as well. Let me know when you decide to sell your Hydration Balm. I'll be your first customer!

Lynne Rienborlt  Parker, Colorado
Hi Bonnie,Many friends are now reporting their love of your products: Suzanne rubs her husband's shoulders with Pain Eraser before golf and he reports a better game. She stands all day and rubs on her feet nightly.  I use the Pain Eraser on my hands and feet, especially at night.  The most important use for the Pain Eraser in our home is that our chocolate lab, Buck, who is nearing 13, was given a bad diagnosis last fall when a tumor was found on his hind leg that is inoperable. The worry was that the tumor would break the skin as it grew and then there would be no way to ease his pain. I began putting Pain Eraser on his tumor every day and the skin is supple and accommodating the tumor.  He is happy, going walking and swimming daily, sleeps and eats well.  The vet cannot believe we have no problems with his skin breaking and that we still have him.  In my heart I know it is because of you.  You sent me the pain eraser as a gift and you gave us the gift of life.  Buck has enjoyed his last year and we are so grateful to all the powers and to you, especially you.  Hope this finds you well and happy.

Drake Clausen Centennial, Colorado
Bonnie's Balms definitely helps me pursue my love of climbing and that is why I would love to be sponsored by you and rep your product. I have definitely found that your salves allow me to climb longer and harder without being interfered by skin pain on my fingers and by using your pain eraser I have definitely been able to work hard day after day because I can ease my sore muscles using it. Also, I love that your products are all natural I am definitely a firm believer in organic living. It's also a plus you are local to Colorado, I am also a firm believer in supporting locally owned businesses.

June Corbett Randlett, Utah
Ahh, finally,a remedy to help me with restless legs,which I have suffered from for several years.I do take another prescribed drug,however, it does not always work effectively. A little dab of Pain Erase does the trick. THANK YOU!!

David Ruddell  of Aurora, Colorado ~Bonnie,Last Thursday my wife and son, who has Plaque Psoriasis, had a chance encounter with you. You told us about your Healing Salve and gave us a jar. Being very skeptical of any over the counter and "miracle salves" when they got home I checked out your web site. Seeing that your ingredients were all natural, we decided to give it a try on a small area of his psoriasis just before bed. WOW! The next morning, the plaque had softened and just washed off in the bath. We immediately applied it to the rest of the areas. It has only been 3 days now and we see such an improvement. The plaque is gone and has not returned and the redness in starting to disappear and return to normal skin. After years of prescription ointments and UV treatments that haven't worked, we are firm believers in your Healing Salve, it is a MIRACLE SALVE. I think that I will go sit in the doctors office and tell all of the other patients about your Products (I already am telling everyone about this great product!) 

Jessica Lees of Lehi, Utah
Dear Bonnie,My name is Jessica, you may not remember me. I met you at the Sportsman’s Expo in Salt Lake City, Utah. I have always suffered from eczema on my arms and hands. You were very nice to demonstrate and even give me a free jar of your healing salve. Even though I did not have any money at the time, you still game me the jar of your healing salve and I knew it was something I would like and needed. I’m writing to let you know the salve is amazing. I use it faithfully on a daily basis to heal my arms and hands. I love that it’s not greasy and also that its all natural. I have spent a lot of money on other creams and lotions that I end up throwing away so I am glad I finally found something I like. I have enclosed a check for the price of the salve you have given me at the show, it’s too good to take for free. Again thank you so much. I love your healing salve and plan to be a continuing customer in the future.

Calie Danae of Denver, Colorado
Hey Bonnie,It's Calie I don't know if you remember me but I worked the Colorado Springs EXPO and was right next to you guys.. I wanted to let you know that Healing Salve is amazing it healed my daughters exsema or however you spell it. Thanks so so much!!! :) Maybe when you are all in town we could go to the brewery and have some lunch.  It was great to meet you guys and hope to see yall again.

Cindy Ruoti of Sandy, Utah
Dear Bonnie,You generously gave my son a jar of your salve when you were in Salt Lake City at the International Sportsmen's Expo and it has helped his acne and eczema quite a bit. It has also helped my other son with his cracked and peeling feet. I would like to order 6 jars of the Healing Salve & 2 Lip Balms. Please let me know what I need to do to get some asap because it is almost gone. Bless you for creating these products!

Lou Linder of New York City, New York
"I had some creeping, crawling, crud under both eyes for about 3 weeks .... I tried everything under the sun to try to get rid of it...but nothing worked...UNTIL I tried Bonnie's Balms Healing Salve...and lo & behold, in less than 24 hours it was gone... a miracle took place right under my eyes!I don't know how you did it - but god forbid - don't stop making it!!!

"Kat Mattoon Gunnison, Colorado
Bonnie, I met you at the show in Colorado Springs. I am with Rocky Mountain Television,we were the ones doing video at the Western Sportsman's Expo....you asked me to let you know how the Pain Eraser worked....AWESOME!! It helped my back and some of my fibro pain...I was even out planting this weekend and had a sore neck GONE!!! Thank you so much....My fiancé Andy has a torn rotator cuff and it help relieve his pain as well....His Mom and Dad came over for dinner last Sunday...it was rainy and she is 84 and suffers with arthritis in her hand and knee. I put some balm on her and within a matter of an hour, the swelling had gone down and was pain free...she has asked me to make an order for her...I will go to order page and combine mine and her orders...Thank you so much for the gift...Oh and the root WOW really helps the tummy...got to find some of that...I think it might help Andy's 89 year old dad with his reflux.You can post my comments...I would be proud to boast the product....By the way I forgot to tell you it has also done away with my dry skin ....my hands are so soft. I am hoping that the salve will help with my thin skin on my hands and arms that rips open at the slightest bump and the calluses on my feet.Please keep in touch and let me know how you are doing. I will pass the word for you....If you are ever interested in a commercial....let me know.
Your friend, Kat

Helen Turner owner of Shampooch in Wheat Ridge, Colorado
I love Bonnie's products. My family and I use the Bonnie's Balms Healing Salve daily because there are numerous application purposes for the Healing Salve. A light amount after a shower, has left a healthy glow on my children faces and a reduction of skin eruptions. Bonnie's Healing Salve is a must have in the medicine cabinet replacing triple antibiotic ointment. Pain Eraser has relieved my headaches and muscle aches it is also great in a nice warm tub to take away daily stresses. Bonnie's Healing Salve is readily available for my customers. Spring time is allergy season. My clients have applied one application after bathing their dogs and have come back the next day to buy the healing salve.I have my own testimonies by my own animal family, we use the Salve and Pain Eraser on them. Amazingly most animals leave it alone. Need I go on? For a nominal price you can have your own testimony.A diverse pet and human product! What can be better than that.Thank You,  Helen Turner

John Mauer Denver, Colorado
Wow, Bonnie! I have some nasty wounds on my hands from some intense, marginal, overhanging hand crack slotting (that was over my head and desperate!) . . . anyway, I put some Climber's Salve on my hands last night and didn't really remember I had the wounds until I got out of the shower this morning. My hands were throbbing, I started complaining, then ran to get the Salve, applied it, and seriously - less than a minute later, not only was the discomfort gone - but my hands feel not only soothed, but actually good! I had to send another thank you . . . I'm hooked on the stuff. I'll pick up a few containers from Wilderness Exchange to take with me to Yosemite in June to share with some of the locals- who no doubt will be in similar pain.Thanks again!

Rose Marie Christison of Denver, Colorado
Good morning Bonnie,The little package came yesterday. I knew you were sending it, but what a nice surprise to see its contents. Well....there is real pain with this Peripheral Neuropathy. I rubbed the Pain Eraser on my right foot. Without realizing it - the numbness is still there but not the pain. OK the left foot got it! Relief!!! Now to get my left hand far enough around to get it on the right shoulder. You've really got an excellent product! I have to rub it on both hands wow! I love your packaging too!Thanks again!

Lori Caldwell of Vernal, Utah
“I need to order 4 bottles of your pain eraser my husband bought some at the expo in Salt Lake last week and we both love it so I need two more for us and two for another family member. Please let me know the price for it.”Thank you!  Craig D. of Denver, Colorado:Dear Bonnie,I can't thank you enough for introducing me to Pain Eraser! I've only been using it for about a week and it has already become the most essential part of my nighttime ritual. For most of my adult life I've struggled with tendonitis in my left shoulder. Every year, as the weather changes with the seasons, the pain intensifies. I've learned some coping stratagies that have helped me cope through the days, but the nights are another story entirely.When at its worst, my condition has made it impossible to get more than a few hours sleep each night (for stretches that have lasted for more than a month at a time. I've tried Aspercream, Mineral Ice, Bengay and just about every over the counter remedy there is.I've invested in a Temperpedic bed, tried a Sleep Number and purchased the "Pillow of the Future" all in fruitless attempts to sleep through the night without pain. I've taken1200 milligrams of Advil at night and even resorted to periodic Cortizone shots. Though some of these measures paid minor dividends, there was no solution among them. Bonnie's Pain Eraser has changed all of that.. The first night I used your product, I slept more than 6 hours without pain. Since that night, I've achieved even better results. I can't tell you how great it feels to wake up rested... it is a pleasure I've rarely enjoyed in the last 24 years. Moreover, I am now using Pain Eraser in the mornings and have not had the pain that often occurred after a morning behind the desk. To me it is a miracle and words can not express my gratitude. I've shared your Pain Eraser with my mother, she is 76 years old & has arthritis in her hands. She was skeptical, yet willing to try it. She too used it at night, the following morning she called me up to beg me to order a bottle for her.We are believers!!! Bonnie I love the product & the work you and Richard are doing!

Jill B. of Santa Fe, New Mexico
Living in the high desert, I'm always fighting cracked thumbs and heels. I have a whole drawer full of products that I've tried. Bonnie's Balms Healing Salve is the only thing I've found that works quickly and effectively, even on sensitive skin like mine. I use it on my lips too!  

Chad Davis & Mary Turner of Colorado Springs, Colorado
Climbing in the "City of Rocks" in Almo, Idaho Hueco Tanks"  El Paso, Texas
"Even hard men, and hard women, need soft hands.  I religiously apply Bonnie's miraculous balms before, during and after all climbing sessions."  
Joe King of California
Bonnie, Regarding the Healing Salve on the dry heel; when I arrived here at the Flathead, I started wearing sandals so that I could air-out my dogs. The combination of the dry climate and time in and out of the water caused deep painful cracks in my heel in less than two days. Anyone who has this affliction knows how painfully annoying it can be. I was carrying the Healing Salve you gave me during our climbing trip in New York. I put it on my cracked heel twice a day for two days. By the morning of the second day, the cracks were closed. In two more days, the heel was healed. Now I'm wearing my sandals without the painful cracked heels.  Thank You Bonnie's Balms!                                                                                                       
John Riggi Wheat Ridge, Colorado
Bonnie, My name is Jack Riggi and I am a Geologist by trade,my hands are always on some rock, climbing it or analyzing it. Either way my hands get pretty beat-up. I thought "that's the way it is", but no. I first tried your Healing Salve when a climbing buddy of mine handed it to me and said try this.I have never been a big fan of most of the salve products out there but your salve worked on my cracked hands and feet and after only a few days they were like new, wow! I love the Pain Eraser daily too.What ever you used to scent that stuff is as pleasing as the results from using it.Thanks Bonnie!

Tom Donze of Wheat Ridge, Colorado
Thanks Bonnie so much for an amazing product!  I've been using your salve for almost a year and always make sure to pack it for long climbing trips. I used to only be able to boulder two days in a row tops, and regenerating skin would often take up to a week. Since picking up your Healing Salve, I haven't had to take a single rest day for lack of skin (let me know when you whip up something to regenerate muscle though!) Not only does my skin regenerate quicker, but it comes back soft enough to get killer friction and strong enough to rarely open up. It especially helps heal the dry, cracked areas between the joints which used to bleed compliments of my constant chalky hands.  Keep up the good work and be well.

Dave Thomas of Steamboat Springs, Colorado
“Bonnie, Thank you so much for the healing salve it has kept my skin in great shape all winter. Give me a call the next time your in Steamboat.” Jesse Lugo " I just wanted to thank you for your product.... I recently bought the healing salve and I gotta say, I really like it.....I'm an avid water fowler and I find myself out in some pretty extreme elements and this stuff makes my hands feel like new....thanks again."

Bob Singer Lakewood, CO
Bonnie I’ve been using your healing salve on a terrible injury to my face I received from my dog. I took a pigs ear & was holding it out the dog in my mouth. My cocker spaniel grabbed more than the pigs ear and ripped my lip and face about 3 inches. I was afraid to go the doctor because I knew my dog would have to go into quarantine and would face possible uthenization. So, we treated my injury at home. I began applying your healing salve immediately under the butterfly bandage my wife made and applied to my face. I put the healing salve in the inside & outside of my mouth injury. Everyday it got better and better. Now after 1 ½ months I have a jagged scar. It doesn’t look too bad! It seems to look better and better.. Your healing salve saved the day! I recommend it to everyone I know!

Perry Finklestein Sandy, Utah
I am a chef and wash my hands many times a day. I bought your healing salve at the Sportsmans Expo and use it everyday in between washes. It really helps keep my hands healed and feeling good. They used to be dry and chapped all the time. Now they aren’t! Thanks!

Winnie Bryant Lee Summit, Missouri Bonnie, I burned my arm on a huge kettle. It hurt so bad! I was trying everything from mustard to home remedies to keep it from hurting! My husband kept telling me to use your healing salve on it & I thought no way it has oil in it! So I kept my arm in the cold water in my sink. It was going on 12 pm & my husband was going to bed. So I tried your healing salve on my burn… It stopped the pain instantly! I couldn’t believe it! I applied anytime it hurt me afterwards & used it to heal my skin too! Thanks! 

Richard Squire of Wheat Ridge, Colorado  (Bonnie's Exhusband now)
Bonnie, My name is Richard Squire. I thought about it and decided, since you've been road testing this stuff on me for almost 15 years. I think I've earned the right to put in my two cents. For me one of the worst things that could possibly happen to me as a climber is to split the end of my thumb, right where the fingernail meets the meat around the end of the finger, it keeps splitting. It can even keep me on the ground. “Pound for pound” that hurts as bad as anything. That used to happen to me all the time, my hands are in my chalk bag alot. After you started to make “the balm” and insisted I use it regularly, I no longer have that problem, thank you! I got to tell you also it works on my feet. As you know my feet are in my climbing shoes just about everyday. I gave up tiny climbing shoes a long time ago for a ½ size larger but still my heals crack and my toes rub, sometimes together, that’s the worst. After filing my feet down, I used “the balm” on my heals and toes, the stuff really works, it’s incredible! Thank you Bonnie, you have made my life better, in more ways than you know.

Richard Squire                 P.S. I Like the the way you've scented it too!  

Bonnie Searcy ~Founder, Alchemist
I created Pain Eraser to bring relief for my own chronic aches & pains. My family, myself included, grew up riding motorcross, camping, hiking, fishing in Lake of the Ozarks and Mark Twain National Forest all over Missouri & Arkansas. I've crashed a few times... We are young evil conievals when we are young, unknowing those little crashes caught up some day.. I crashed while roller blading at about 25 miles an hour herniating 2 disks in my neck & tearing both Labril Tendons from around my shoulders & tore muscles down right side of back. I have a painful blockage in my right pelvis that makes my leg hurt. Doctors say I'm to young for a stent. I have a large hiatal hernia, asthma, overstretched tendon on my ankle, sciatic pain along with a periodically cranky achy knee. Over the years I have done what my western doctors recommended that made sense. Then nothing made sense, and I felt like a number. Nothing truly helped my suffering. So for years, I focused my studies on pain & healing herbs. 

The Pain Eraser recipe & name came to me in a dream. I woke up, wrote down the recipe, went

into the kitchen & made it then & there. Afterwards, I tried it. Mama mia! It worked so fast it was hard to believe. It was like White Lightning, quickly relieving my pains! Whoo Hoo! I won't leave home without my Pain Eraser. When I'm in pain I rub alittle in where it hurts and before I know it the pain is gone! I use it from head to toe. I love it! Life goes by too fast to not be able to enjoy it! I don't want to miss out on anything. Every day is a beautiful day!

Dr. Ron Minson Greenwood Village, Colorado
Bonnie I had the lovely experience of using your Healing Salve. My family was in town & we served ice cream with dinner. I foolishly licked the ice cream scooper & caught my top lip on it. My lip was stuck. I didn’t think anything of it & pulled my lip loose. It took a good top layer of skin off. So, I remembered your jar of Healing Salve & put some one. The next morning, my lip was all healed up. It is some incredible stuff!

Mark Fennagin Lakewood, Colorado
I work at Ace Hardware in Colorado. I was filling up a propane tank out back when I accidentally touched my arm to the propane fill nozzle. It burned my arm instantly. I went back into the store and went straight to your display and put a glob of your healing salve on. It helped with the pain immediately & healed up my arm real fast. I couldn’t believe it! Thanks

Animal Testimonials
Jill Schimtt Loveland, Colorado
Bonnie I have been working with and taking care of horses for along time. I began using your healing salve on my dry cracked skin and decided to try it on the pressure wounds some of the horses I care for suffer from. These sore never heal and were a sure test for your balms. I applied it one horse’s open leg sores. It began healing overnite. I continued use until the pressure sore was gone. I use it on all our horses now for any skin injury they get. Thanks for making a winning product that helps animals too!

Helen Turner owner of Shampooch in WheatRidge, Colorado
Bonnie's Healing Salve is readily available for my customers. I use it in a Liquid & in a Salve for the Dogs that I groom.My clients have applied one application after bathing their dogs and have come back the next day to buy the healing salve because it helped their dogs so much. One client spent $400 at the vet for her best friend, her dog. It came in with swollen itchy and hairless paws. The vet had not yet diagnosed the ailment. After grooming her dog I applied Bonnie's Healing Salve. The the next day my client called to say thank you & to ask if she could purchase the salve. With in a couple weeks, I received another phone call from my the same client, ecstatic because not only was her dog relieved of it's ailment her dog was also growing his hair back. My client never went back to her $400 vet & for $8 her dog healed up fast. Bonnie's Healing Salve is a must have in the medicine cabinet replacing triple antibiotic ointment. I have many testimonials from my clients about Bonnie's Balms. I have my own testimonies by my own animal family, we use the Salve and Pain Eraser on them. Amazingly most animals leave it alone. Need I go on? For a nominal price you can have your own testimony.A diverse pet and human product! What can be better than that?

Lynne R.
The most important use for the Pain Eraser in our home is that our chocolate lab, Buck, who is nearing 13, was given a bad diagnosis last fall when a tumor was found on his hind leg that is inoperable. The worry was that the tumor would break the skin as it grew and then there would be no way to ease his pain. I began putting Pain Eraser on his tumor every day and the skin is supple and accommodating the tumor. He is happy, going walking and swimming daily, sleeps and eats well. The vet cannot believe we have no problems with his skin breaking and that we still have him.  In my heart I know it is because of you.  You sent me the pain eraser as a gift and you gave us the gift of life.  Buck has enjoyed his last year and we are so grateful to all the powers and to you, especially you.  Hope this finds you well and happy.

Connie Fry Everglades, Florida
I rescue animals from the Everglades in Florida. You won’t believe all the animals people dispose of there. Allot of our rescue dogs, and cats are in need of immediate first aide treatment. I discovered your Healing Salve and Pain Eraser at Walgreens here in Florida and have been using faithfully ever since. It really heals wounds & soothes these traumatized animals and saves me allot of money! Do you make both in bigger bottles? If so I’d like to place a special order. Thank you!


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