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Bonnie's Balms First Aid Gift Pack

Regular price $ 60.00

Bonnie's Balms First Aid Gift Pack Includes:

1 - Bonnie's Balms Pain Eraser Oil 4 oz  -  Apply to Sprains, Strains, Pulled Muscles, Damage to Tendons, Stops all Soft Tissue Pain Instantly, Increases oxygen where you rub it. 

1 - Bonnie's Balms Healing Salve 2 oz  -  Apply to Cuts, Splits, Open Wound Care, Stops Bleeding, Prevents Infection, Closes Wounds, Stops Pain to the Bone. Increases circulation and cools. Great for hikers, bikers, doctors, construction workers, babies, and you pets

1 - Bonnie's Balms XYZ Oil - 4 oz  -  Apply to area's on your body where you suffer from severe pain. XYZ does these things very quickly - stops deep bone and deep nerve pain, bleeding, decreases inflammation, increases circulation. Strongest natural topical pain relief on the market today

3 - Bonnies Balms Lip Balms