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Bonnies Balms Healing Lip Balms (first aid stick)

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Bonnies Balms Lip Balms are more than just a lip balm, it is also a first aid salve.
Bonnie's Formula of cooling herbs infused into our Sunflower Base are known to quickly heal your skin, lips, reduces inflammation, herpes, burns, cuts, trauma, soothes open injuries, quickly heals cracks and split finger tips, increases circulation where ever you apply it. Our customers give us rave reviews of how it healed their fierce lip and fingertip splits better, faster than super glue.

*Plus the ingredients are known to be safe for use with babies and animals topically and if ingested! Baby and Pet friendly! Thank you for your business :-)

Use everyday to keep your lips kissable and smiling!

*Bonnies Balms is not FDA Approved. Please consult your physician if you have any questions about use*