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Bonnie's Balms Skin Tag Eraser 1/2 oz

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Bonnie's Balms Skin Tag Eraser works quickly and naturally!

It's that time of the year again when we are all putting on our swim wear looking at our skin thinking, what's that? A skin tag? It's gotta go! 

This topical tincture works great on skin tags, moles, warts, weird things that pop up on you skin. Apply 5 times a day to be aggressive. Your spot will begin shrinking and drying and dying within 7 days of use. Keep using for until your skin tag, mole or wart crumbles away and falls off. 

"I created Bonnie's Balms Skin Tag Eraser because I noticed a few wierd moles pop up on my top lip. Went to the doctor and she wanted to cut them off. Told her no way. Went home and created this blend of herbs to dissolve the moles instead." This stuff works great and leaves behind healthy pink skin. 

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