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Bonnie's Balms Lip Hemp Trip

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We have taken our proprietary XYZ Oil and made it double strength and infused it with Hemp CBD full spectrum plants and blended these ingredients with Colorado Bee's Wax. It's non greasy, easily absorbed in your skin. The base oil is unrefined Sunflower Oil for Colorado. 
This Blend together creates a really powerful pain relief and healing formula that will take away unbelievable pain. Better than Opiates, Cortizone Shots, Gabapentin, and various other pain relief prescription pill on the market. 

Use for Migraines, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Gout, Nerve Pain, Broken or Fractured Ribs, Bone on Bone Pain, Herniated Disc's, Carpel Tunnel, Musicians Hands, Back Pain, Leg Pain, Vascular Pain, Face Pain, Rashes, Hemorrhoids, Wrinkles, Tendonitis, ect.

Bonnie's Hemp Salve contains Full Specturm CBD from Hemp of 700Mg.
In order for Hemp to help you it has to be Full Spectrum. This product contains .03% THC, Terpene's and all the rest of the full spectrum from Hemp.